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Ensure your business listings are accurate & available across the interwebs

Save more than 300 hours per year and thousands of dollars.

73% of people say they lose trust in a brand when business listings are incorrect.

It’s essential that your business listings are right, or you could be driving them straight to your competitors. Literally. Consumers blame businesses when their info is wrong, and they punish them for it.

Listing Distribution submits your accurate business data to all four major data providers: Factual, Acxiom, Infogroup and Neustar (Localeze). These data providers are referenced by over 300 online listing directories and disseminate business info all over the web.

Why Do I Need This?

Consider this analysis of 100,000 business locations: the average business has 68 online listings, and 41% of those listing have an inaccurate address. Furthermore, theses businesses have an average of three different phone numbers across all of their listings.

Local businesses need to remedy this inaccurate data, more than any other type of business. We realize this can be quite an overwhelming challenge for SMBs since there are currently over 300+ listing sites, and is exactly why we’ve created the solution we have.

THE BEST benefit of Listing Distribution is by far the SEO relevance. Since most SMBs have inaccurate listings, having accurate business listings and plenty of them, INSTANTLY sets you apart in the eyes of the search engines. Especially the local map location rankings. The business who dominates Listing Distribution, wins in local search. Just that simple.

The Most Critical Component Of Listing Management: Reporting

The data landscape is very complex, and understanding how data changes across the web can be challenging for SMBs. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand when and how things are working.

Some of the challenges include:

  • Different standards from different providers regarding how to display NAP data, such as address formats
  • Data providers accept data in different time frames
  • Search sites receiving data from these providers update their listings on different schedules, from daily to weekly to monthly to quarterly (or perhaps never)
  • Listing data submissions may be rejected by providers for different reasons

Before choosing a SMB local listing management service provider, you need to be sure they’re able to prove whether or not the service is working so you know your money is being used effectively. That’s the Hometown Domination advantage. You’ll know exactly what our Listing Distribution solution is providing you, down to the letter.

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The most comprehensive solution. Period.

We’ve partnered with all four of the major listing data providers – Factual, Acxiom, Infogroup and Neustar (Localeze) – in order to create a complete listing syndication and correction solution. These four providers power the web, doling out information to over 300 other sites like Urbanspoon, Yelp, and many others.

To correct a company listing with each of these providers individually is massively time-consuming and expensive. With Hometown Domination’s Listing Distribution, all it takes is a small annual fee.

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